Have a Good Laugh! Venture Capital Investor meets Silly Face Painter.

I have been busy all Saturday morning preparing for the Family and Kids Sports Carnival at noon! I was bubbling with anticipation until this SMS came in..

Silly Face Painter Part 1

Holy Moly! This Silly Ol’ Face Painter over here just called an Intelligent and High-achieving Venture Capital Investor my popcorn driver! To think I even hastily added Jean to Contacts without first giving more thought. Somebody kick my ass please.

Silly Kids Face Painter in Singapore Part 2

Quickly attempt to redeem myself by addressing him by MISTER Jean. I am so glad that Jean was really humorous too and didn’t take my BooBoo to heart. Ok, Alicia, focus and STOP laughing already!

Off to work now!

Yours Playfully,

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