Face Painter & Popcorn @ Greenwich Condo Sales Booth

The rainbow painter girl is back in business!
I’ve been away in Melbourne for a road trip with my family over the December holidays. Feeling super energized for 2013!

Rainbow Girly Doll Hand Paint

I was looking back on the parties of 2012 and decided to do some photo editing. I can’t bear putting up the pictures with making sure they look stunning on your computer screen! Kudos to Lightroom on that. And of course, for Roger & Majella for introducing the awesome software to me.

I’m starting with the gig at Greenwich! If you’re still searching my blog for your pictures from Mayura’s Deepavali celebrations, Zoe’s birthday and Unilever’s Mascarade Dinner & Dance @ MBS, I’ll be putting those up in a couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

Princess and the Face Painter

She’s my favorite child of the day. She reminds me of Pocahontas. πŸ™‚

Darling Princess Face Paint

Pocahontas’s brother requested for a zombie bear! I guess he turned out pretty cute too.
Mr Zombie Bear sure had quite some personality to pull off the look!

Grumpy Zombie Bear Boy Face Paint

The whole family got themselves face painted.
Hope they had fun over the weekends with their make-believe princesses and animals characters!

Bear Rainbow Butterfly Flower Princess Family Face Paint

Pink Hello Kitty Hand Paint

Delicate Butterfly Face Paint

Actually little MeiMei was so afraid of my paint brush but her mommy insisted I painted something for her.
Sometimes I get torn between what parents want and what the child wants. I usually just do my best to please both!
Did a quick and simple Hello Kitty ribbon with some coaxing. Whew.

Hello Kitty Ribbon Hand Paint

The Cleaner Auntie gravitated towards my booth with her mop. I was honored to paint her very first hand art!
I had to sneak this one within 2 minutes before her supervisor popped over to check.
Metallics and whites worked out really well on her tan!

Blue Swirly Flower Hand Paint

Next the Medical Hall Auntie gravitated towards my booth with a bottle of Chrysanthemum tea.
Gosh you can imagine how GRATEFUL I was!
It was a 4 hour long gig and I always get so absorbed in talking/painting that I will completely forget about my hunger and thirst.
Auntie was so nice I had to do a hand art for her too right?

Swirly Flower Hand Paint

Guess what? Our dear Cold Storage staff decided to join me at the booth too.
Looks like Cold Storage might have gotten themselves a new branding image. Pretty cool eh?
I love Philippino people btw. Fun, jolly and spontaneous bunch!

Intricate Butterfly and Flower Hand Paint

Cold Storage Staff Flower Hand Paint

Flower Dolls Cheek and Hand Paint

Oh yes and I totally laughed out loud when I saw this picture! The little girl was took the liberty to steal popcorn from her sis during the snapshot! CUTEEEEE!!! Reminds me of my younger sis maybe 18 years ago.

Flower Girls Hand Paint

Popcorn machine

And yeap, apart from face painting I can get popcorn and candy floss for your parties too! πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday everybody!

Yours Playfully,

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