We are all grown up now!

The number of enquiries for face painting and balloon sculpting have been growing slowly but steadily since January. And finally, on my mom’s birthday this 3rd April, I set up my first company, Happier Singapore!

All my closest friends and sister have joined forces in spreading our love for face painting and balloon twisting. It was actually pretty fun to start building a team proper! So here are some milestones documenting the baby steps to where we are now!

Here are my besties after their first face painting workshop! We have learnt how to make basic lines and shapes with our brushes.

Face Painting Workshop

Here are they again after the second workshop! We have learnt how to put basic lines and shapes into a picture!

Kids face painting workshop

Finally, I brought them for some on-the-job training! Pretty impressive job on the little pretty girls huh? 🙂

face painting mom and butterfly daughters

face painting tiger and butterfly

I have been doing my homework as well. See kids? If you want to be good in anything, you must do your homework! Even magic comes from practice.

Practising face painting line work

And of course, nothing is like trying out the designs on cute curly-haired live models!

Rainbow butterfly face painting

I totally love it when the daddies are so super spontaneous! They’ll do anything to make their little ones happy. Including painting their face after their toddler’s shoe or tattooing a talking snake over their mouth. 🙂

Spiderman face painting

Talking Snake Face Painting

Going on to balloon sculpting, this was the very first unicorn design I came up with! The proportions came out kinda funny but I’ve tweaked the design now. 🙂

Unicorn Balloon Sculpture

And then, I got excited and started making a whole balloon zoo!

Balloon animal zoo

Sometimes, I use balloons for some simple party games and then recycle the game props into wearable fairy wings for the birthday princess too!

Kids party games balloons

rainbow fairy wings balloons

The beauty of balloon sculpting is that it is still possible to send the kids a personalized balloon doll even if we can’t be there for their parties at times.

Elle-phant balloon princess for Ellora

Finally, here’s Chris and me balloon twisting our Labour Day holiday away at OCBC Ion Orchard yesterday!

Octopus balloon twisting hats

So overall, Year 2013 has been treating me very well. I am especially heartened by clients who feed me so well during my gigs.

I do apologize for the times I leave the slice of cake untouched or have to rush off to another event immediately! Even as I pause to take a bite of cake or sip of water, I’m feeling so bad having the children standing in line for me to grant their wishes! Still, I really really appreciate it when the boss at OCBC insists I take a break to eat chicken rice and drink OCBC mineral water. Thank you for the power-up!

I might not get a chance to blog again too soon, but you can still find out what we are gonna be up to this weekend on Facebook!

Whether you’re planning for a party or you’re just simply mesmerized with the magic of face paint and balloons, drop me an SMS at 8128 2005 if you’d like us to entertain your guests or set up a workshop for you and your family & friends.

Hope to paint and twist for you soon! 🙂

Yours Playfully,


P.S. I found a pic of my younger sis’s first ever balloon sculpture. Mr Egg Head looked pretty hilarious doesn’t he? 😀

amanda's egg head balloon

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