Face Painting at Madagascar Carnival Theme Party

Declan’s 4th Madagascar Carnival Theme Party

I was super excited when Mommy Sheree invited Happier Singapore back to face paint at her party again in February. Firstly, I must say a big thank you to Sheree for letting me blog about Declan’s 4th Madagascar Carnival theme party! I am continually amazed by the parents who hire me as their face painter and balloon twister for their kids parties.

Sheree is one of the many mommies and daddies who put their kids first despite having a busy career. You will see all the effort and creative juices plowed into this birthday party. This is the very essence that we want to celebrate with you, here at Happier Singapore. When I started the company last April, it was with the vision of celebrating the family through art and creativity. 🙂

Tiger & Hello Kitty Face Painting Happier Singapore

Yes and that’s Sheree and her lovely family!

Tiger & Rabbit Face Painting Happier Singapore

Declan the birthday Tiger having a romantic train ride with his pretty Bunny girl friend. 😛 You can tell they are getting slightly impatient while waiting for the train to get moving.

Rabbit & Tiger Face Painting Happier Singapore

Alright! Here we go! Choo Choooooooo! You can see the kids beaming with joy (and the cool train dude as well).

Carnival game stalls Happier Singapore

Our pretty bunny, Olive, taking her lucky shot at the carnival game stalls. We are gonna be looking forward to doing more fluffy bunny face paintings for the Easter garden parties in April!

Kids party games Happier Singapore

I love this photo! Jack never fails to amaze me how he can capture the many fleeting expressions of the kids with his trusty lens. He is really a true artist don’t you think? If I was a parent, I would really see a good photographer as an investment. Imagine how precious all these memories will be when you look back years later. I still have my toddler birthday party pics btw! Thanks to my own mom who lovingly kept all these memories for me since 20 over years ago.

Jack’s photography services are available for hire with your birthday party package from Happier Singapore.

Piñata Happier Singapore

The highlight of the party. Piñata time!!! Who doesn’t love candy? Here are some tips to consider if you are planning to get a piñata for your child:

1) Age of the children
2) Space

Generally for ages 4 and below, or if there are space constraints, it would be better to get a pull string piñata. No whacking or violence until the children are old enough to understand and listen to instructions.

For 5 and up, the kids really do get very thrilled anticipating when the piñata is going to burst open with sweet treats. Everyone cannot wait to get a go with the stick. But always safety first! You might like to segment your party area by drawing an imaginary magic line and getting another parent to play as crocodile. Anyone who crosses the line when it is not their turn gets eaten up and goes behind the queue.

If you need professional help with party games, we can organize them for you. No logistical headaches and we will save you from the insanity 🙂

Madagascar 2D Fondant Birthday Cake Happier Singapore

Fondant cakes are all the rage for birthday parties nowadays. I’d like to call them edible art. While such cakes can run up to the hundreds depending on complexity of your designs, they do add a lot of color and hype to your party. If you are looking for cute custom character fondant birthday cakes or cupcakes, just let us know. 🙂

Kids birthday party Happier Singapore

Happy 4th Birthday Declan!! ❤

Safari Lion Face Painting Happier Singapore

After the cake cutting, everyone wanted a piece of Alex the Lion! So we did a cartoony lion face painting for this cute little boy. I must admit it is a challenge to get our face painting artwork turn out well on the younger tots. They like move a lot. But well, we have our ways to get the job done. That’s when maybe some background in psychology helps? Hahaha!

Lion arm painting Happier Singapore

Or you could get your lion face painting done on your child’s arm instead. We do make it a point to develop feminine and masculine variations of our designs so no gender bias. We do aim to paint and twist anything your child asks for (within reasonable limits due to time constraint). Girls can be dragons or Spiderman if they want to and boys can be butterflies or Hello Kitty if they want to as well!

Hello Kitty Face Painting Happier Singapore

Our glitter Hello Kitty inspired face painting is a pretty popular design among the girls. You can find our arm painting variants as well here.

Frozen Princess Elsa Face Painting Happier Singapore

Sometimes simple is elegance. Everyone wants to be a Snow Queen ever since Christmas last year. I want be a Snow Queen too. You can find the looks I sometimes paint on myself here.

Spiderman Face Painting Happier Singapore

Spidey wins the most popular Superhero face painting design award!

Spiderman & Lion Face Painting Happier Singapore

This is my favorite family photo from the party. 🙂 You can really tell the difference between professional photography versus my own smartphone photography from some previous posts. I really enjoy admiring the artwork from the photographers we work with.

Kids birthday party ideas Happier Singapore

It’s sundown and that concludes Declan’s amazing birthday party. 🙂

Yours Playfully,


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