Baby steps towards Balloon Sculpting & Balloon Decorations for Special Occasions

Balloon twisting has been just as exciting a journey for me as face painting. Slightly more than a year back, I didn’t even know the technical name of balloon twisting was called balloon sculpting, hence the name of this blog.

I won’t deny it’s tough to twist balloons. Balloon sculpting definitely helps you work out a sweat compared to face painting. So far, a year of being a wannabe balloon sculptor who is really a face painter in disguise has been pretty fun too.

The balloon sculptures below are my baby steps towards injecting a bit more creativity. Mom says I’m insane because I dare to try something I’ve never done before. I secretly know she is excited to tag along or have a hand in the balloons too. Guess we both love novelties. When we get home from a balloon decoration gig, Mom always has twice the energy to narrate to Dad on her adventure in full animation. If you read far down enough, you’ll find out I launched Happier Singapore on 3 April 2013, to celebrate my mom’s birthday and parents’ anniversary.

Valentine’s Day Balloon Gifts

On Valentine’s, we received a special order for a despicably cute surprise. We found a way to sculpt the balloons in a way you can easily tell who each balloon sculpture was. And the client’s friend ended up adding a Princess Kitty balloon sculpture as well. We ninja-ed our way into their girl friends’ offices and planted the Valentine balloons on their desks over lunch hour.

Minion balloon sculptures for valentines happier singapore Despicable me balloon sculptures for valentines happier singaporeHello Kitty Balloon Sculpture Gift_Happier Singapore

Safari Themed Balloon Decorations

Then we had another fun request for animal balloon decorations to tie in with our client’s River Safari promotion. So we decked the tables with a lion, zebra, pink bird and elephant balloon sculpture…

Lion balloon sculpture_happier singaporeZebra balloon sculpture_happier singaporePink bird balloon sculpture_happier singaporeElephant balloon sculpture_happier singapore

Twisted some slithery balloon snakes on the chairs…

Snake balloon sculptures_happier singaporeSafari balloon decorations_happier singapore

And left the cheeky balloon giraffe and monkey to lure the kids in from the doorway.

Safari giraffe & monkey balloon sculpture_happier singapore

Kids Party Balloon Decorations

Donovan’s mommy asked us for ideas on for his baby 1st month party. She booked a couple of other services with us, so to thank her for that, we put in extra effort for her balloon decorations. Here’s our balloon twisting ideation process. From paper to reality. There wasn’t much space indoors so we settled for a miniature sesame street inspired balloon arch with the cute characters sitting in carriages.

Sketch of sesame street balloon arch_happier singaporeSesame street mini balloon arch_Happier Singapore

Family Event Balloon Decorations

And here’s a customized balloon arch we setup for Cold Storage Kids Run 2014 fun pack collection. Did you know Cold Storage has a mascot? Here’s how we turned Appleton into a giant balloon arch. Photo credits of the original Appleton mascot to mommy blogger, Delphine.

Cold storage appleton mascotSketch of Appleton balloon arch_happier singaporeCustom appleton balloon arch_happier singapore

Easter Balloon Decorations

Then Easter arrived in April and we twisted some Easter bunny balloon decorations. Have you ever wondered why bunnies came out of Easter eggs and not chicks? We decked the place with chubby balloon bunnies and polka dot balloon easter egg baskets in happy rainbow colors.

Blue easter bunny balloon sculpture_happier singapore Pink easter bunny balloon sculpture_happier singapore Purple easter rabbit balloon sculpture_happier singapore White easter bunny balloon sculpture_happier singapore Easter basket balloon sculpture_happier singapore Easter balloon decorations_happier singapore

Mother’s Day Balloon Decorations

And the next Mother’s Day balloon sculptures, we dedicate to all the mommies reading our little blog. Balloon sculptures of a mother carrying her baby, MOM in 3D balloon alphabets, balloon roses and a super huge puffy balloon heart.

Mother and baby balloon sculpture_happier singapore Mom 3D alphabet balloon sculpture_happier singapore Rose balloon sculpture_happier singapore Giant heart balloon sculpture_happier singapore

Father’s Day Balloon Decorations

Not forgetting to all the daddies reading this too, you’re a rarity of sorts to be planning your child’s party! Hope you had an awesome Father’s Day this June. We dedicate this Father’s Day balloon sculpture to you. A vintage Volkswagen combi car balloon sculpture with a twist. We weaved in our client’s corporate colors and their balloon decorations doubled up as a pretty interesting photobooth prop for their retro-themed roadshow.

Fathers day balloon sculpture_Volkswagen kombi vintage car balloon sculpture_Happier Singapore

Princess Balloon Decorations

I think you would have already guessed by now which is the one design we’ve got the most requests for.

Frozen Princess Anna & Elsa Balloon Sculpture Happier Singapore

And I just wanna share a happy piece of personal news to end off our first blog post on balloon twisting, JS and I are getting married this 18 October 2014. Nonetheless, you’ll be glad to know the rest of the happier team will still be around to celebrate your parties and special occasions while I’m caught up with the preparations.

Wedding couple balloon sculpture_happier singapore

Hope our balloon decorations put a smile on your face today. We’re looking forward to paint and twist something fun at your next party. 🙂

Yours Playfully,

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