Our Kids Party Themed Military Wedding!

What happens when you cross a kids party planner with a wedding planner?

Read on to find out what happened at our first ever Happier wedding party! Everything was planned and executed in-house end to end. It was a real challenge last October. I had to plan this in the midst of starting up my second business SchoolGuide.Asia, handling our halloween face painting peak season as well as hubby’s absence for his military exercises.
But it was a very gratifying one because everything was entirely DIY-ed. Made from scratch with love.
That once in a lifetime experience that we just wanna celebrate with our family and closest friends. 🙂

All these wouldn’t have been possible without my “enthu mama” bridesmaids, JS’s “gangho” groomsmen and our sporting family members and friends! We had so many highlights in our dinner programme that an entire song and dance segment from my dearest buddies from Music & Dance Society from junior college had to be cut out. But thanks so much guys!!
You all are simply the best!!

Here’s the start to our big kids party of the year! Party for big kids! :p Starting with waking up blurry face at 5am in the morning to be turned into a white princess. It’s nice to be on the other side of the chair for once. 🙂

Bridal makeup artist singapore-2

7am! All done with makeup and hair. Family shot!

Wedding family photo singapore

And the sisters shot!

Bridesmaid sisters photo singapore

8.30am! Cars are honking. Groomsmen arrive for gate crash games!

The Bridesmaid

The God Sister takes over audit of the ang baos. Occupational hazard working at PWC.

Wedding gatecrash ideas singapore

Challenge’s on! Guess how did the Groom’s first ever face painting turn out?

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas Face painting singapore

MEOWWW! Grumpy cats and crazy cats in da house!

Groomsmen face painting singapore

Time for a morning stretch with cat yoga! I lived with cats my whole life, now I’m married to one. 🙂

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas Cat Yoga

Ooof! Who said being a cat is easy?

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas Cat Yoga

Treasure hunt time! It must be fate.
Because it was none other than the groom who found my room keys in a tiny bottle of cat food.

Treasure hunt Wedding gatecrash ideas singapore

My sisters got pretty creative with the 10 promises!

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas 10 Promises Funny

Even my 3 year old cutie pie nephew found it funny!

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas 10 Promises Funny

“I promise to love you even if you get skinny, fat or old.” You say one ah, Dear!

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas 10 Promises Funny

He made it through the fat cat obstacle course! Like a true soldier!

Wedding Gate Crash Ideas Obstacle Course

Oh hello handsome.

Kiss the Bride

Kids, this is when you look away.

Kiss the Bride

This is what happens when we’re under Amanda’s mistletoe!

Best Wedding Photo Bomb by Bridesmaid

Hurray! New member added to the Bride’s family!

Bride's Family Photo Singapore

Sneaked a photo with our adorable Chindian Dutch nieces! Chinese + Indian = Chindian.

Wedding Couple Photo Singapore

My loving mother-in-law… …

Groom's Parents Photo Singapore

Completely blows my father-in-law off his feet!

Groom's Dad Photo Singapore

Hurray! New member added to the Groom’s family!

Groom's Family Photo Singapore

6pm! We’re all setup for the dinner banquet!
We searched the island for the best of both worlds – a casual garden setting yet weather proof at the same time.
And we found a gem!

Heart Balloon Arch Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

Guanxian and Moxi helped us set the mood as our guests streamed in. We love Moxi’s relaxing renditions of the popular and the evergreens.

Wedding band

Instead of the usual guestbook, we designed some advice cards!
We saved these in our love piggy bank. We’ll take one out to read and savour them in our free time.

Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

Scratch art ain’t just for kids! I scratched out our love story in rainbow colors. 🙂

Scratch art wedding reception ideas singapore

Shared the fun we had on our pre-wedding photo shoot around Singapore!

Photo album wedding reception ideas singapore

Designed our own photo booth standee too. I picked up some basic graphic design specially for our wedding.

Photo Booth Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

Wedding Photo Booth
Wedding Photo Booth

And searched the whole of Singapore just to gather all the mama shop style candies and crackers.
Bring back the good ole memories from everyone’s school days!

Vintage Candy Bar Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

Isn’t this the cutest ang bao you’ve ever seen? My business partner got it hand sewn after our SchoolGuide.Asia logo.

Handmade Ang Bao Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

We had a kids party themed military wedding alright. Some serious fun.

Sword Bearers Military Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

And we lived happily ever after. But what they didn’t tell you in the fairy tales, is that happily ever after is just the beginning!

Sword Bearers Military Wedding Reception Ideas Singapore

Wedding Toast

Groom told his touching version of our story and how our family and friends had brought us together time and again.

Groom's speech
Touching groom's speech

Huang Shi Nan, may be famous, but he is such a nice person. No airs at all. He joined in our wedding as co-host with one of our friends and made all the aunties in the house go gaga. Hahahaha!

Celebrity Wedding Emcee Singapore

Wedding emcees

Not forgetting the bride’s mom’s childhood friends who came in with power packed vocals and hidden DJ talent!

Wedding DJ & Live Band

Dad, I may have found my prince, but you will always be King.

Dance with Dad Wedding Ideas Singapore

What? Hello Kitty Boy & Super Girl?

Dance with Mascots Wedding Ideas Singapore

And Beauty found herself a new boyfriend?

Dance with Beauty & The Beast Wedding Ideas Singapore

All our childhood fantasies came alive at our wedding!

Dance with Mascots Wedding Ideas Singapore

Everyone can’t resist jiggling with the fantasy characters.

Dancefloor Wedding Ideas Singapore

We added a bit of fun into the usual round table photo taking with buckets of hand-made props, which our guests also took home as souvenirs.

Wedding Roving Photo Booth Happier Singapore

And the happier crew behind the scenes – putting up the balloons, mending the photo booth, running around distributing photos & topping up the candy bar. Thanks guys!!

Photo Booth & Balloon Decoration Wedding Ideas Singapore

And that sums up our dream kids party military wedding. 🙂

 Mascots & Costumed Characters Wedding Ideas Singapore

JS and I are off for our overdue honeymoon tomorrow till 12 May 2015! Stefanie & Angie will help to make arrangements for your parties whilst we’re living happily ever after!

We’ll be back soon with more exciting stuff to share!

Yours Playfully,


For party enquiries, please email to sales@happier.sg. 🙂

Thank You for Being Part of Our Journey of Love 2014

Before we know it, it’s time to wrap up the year of 2014. Amidst news of another incident in the skies, it makes it only more salient for us to count our blessings and not take the things we enjoy for granted! Feels like just yesterday I blogged about our journey in 2013!

Thank you to every single one of YOU! Our dearest friends, partners and customers who have made 2014 such an amazing journey for us!

Unknowingly, the theme for our 2014 became LOVE. It has been a year of relationships taken to a new level. We are grateful how everything fell into place naturally. Returning customers since we first opened shop last year, referrals by happier customers and on a personal note, I found my hidden Mickey! Apart from the usual kids and family party planning, I’ve finally got my hands on some wedding planning! Everything was DIY-ed, of course with the help of my trusty Happier friends! Will do a blogpost on wedding party planning in time to come! Working hard every single day is made fulfilling because you trust us in making your parties and events a fun and heart warming one.
Mickey Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Happier Singapore

Cute Props | Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Styling

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Happier Singapore

Helium Balloons | Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Styling

With face painting, you showered truckloads of love over your beautiful kids and couldn’t wait to post up your selfies of happy times your little ones. With a simple paint brush, we multiplied your love.
Frozen Inspired Elsa Face Painting Happier Singapore 2

Frozen Inspired Face Painting Floral Style

Frozen Inspired Elsa Face Painting Happier Singapore

Frozen Inspired Face Painting Butterfly Style

Christmas Bird Arm Painting Happier Singapore

Christmas Bird Arm Painting

Christmas Turtle Arm Painting Happier Singapore

Christmas Turtle Arm Painting

With balloon sculpting, you gave your little guests a new friend, one to be brought home, to be hugged and to be savoured after the party.
Christmas Penguin Balloon Sculpture Happier Singapore

Christmas Penguin Balloon Sculpture

Christmas Reindeer Balloon Sculpture Happier Singapore

Christmas Reindeer Balloon Sculpture

Frozen Inspired Elsa Balloon Sculpture Happier Singapore

Princess Balloon Sculpture

Safari Monkey Giraffe Balloon Sculpture Happier Singapore

Safari Monkey & Giraffe Balloon Sculpture

With balloon decorations and dessert tables, you created an inclusive atmosphere where every single one of your guests feel part of the magic even if they’re a tad too shy to ask for a face painting or balloon sculpture.
Frozen Inspired Balloon Decorations Happier Singapore

Frozen Inspired Mini Arch & Columns | Kids Party Balloon Decorations

Frozen Inspired Dessert Table Happier Singapore

Frozen Inspired Dessert Table

Olaf Balloon Column Happier Singapore

Snowman Balloon Column | Kids Party Balloon Decorations

Pirate Balloon Sculpture Happier Singapore

Pirate Balloon Sculpture | Kids Party Balloon Decorations

Wedding Balloon Decorations for Stage Happier Singapore

Personalized Floral Balloon Arch | Wedding Balloon Decorations

Wedding Balloon Decorations Heart Balloon Arch Happier Singapore

Floating Heart Balloon Arch | Wedding Balloon Decorations

Superman Balloon Decorations Happier Singapore

Superman Inspired Balloon Column | Kids Party Balloon Decorations

Wonder Woman Balloon Column

Wonder Woman Inspired Balloon Column | Kids Party Balloon Decorations

With a photobooth (yeah we can do roving as well!), you brought out the minion in everyone! Regardless of age, you gave your guests a reason to unleash their cheekiness for that one shot. With the help of the uber cute props, you gave everyone a youthful personalized gift to remember the “OMG was that me at your party!”.
Frozen Inspired Kids Party Photobooth Happier Singapore

Frozen Inspired Kids Party Photobooth

Kids Party Photobooth Happier Singapore

Kids Party Photobooth

Wedding Photobooth Happier Singapore

Wedding Photobooth

Wedding Photobooth Happier Singapore

Wedding Photobooth

Wedding Roving Photobooth Happier Singapore

Willy Wonka Inspired Roving Photobooth

Halloween Roving Photobooth Happier Singapore

Halloween Roving Photobooth

With mascots, you made dreams come true. You created your very own fairytale where characters come out from the TV and join your little one for their magical cake moment! One filled with song, love and magic. Your darling’s birthday couldn’t get any sweeter. 🙂
Frozen Inspired Elsa & Ariel Mascot Happier Singapore

Blue Queen & Mermaid Mascot

Frozen Inspired Elsa Mascot Happier Singapore 2

Blue Queen Mascot

Frozen Inspired Elsa Mascot Happier Singapore

Blue Queen Mascot

Inspired Princess Sophia and Prince Mascot  Face Painters Happier Singapore

Purple Princess and Prince Mascot Face Painting

Princess Sophia Inspired and Prince Charming Mascot Happier Singapore

Purple Princess and Prince Charming Mascot

Princess Sophia Inspired Party Happier Singapore

Princess Party

Inspired Spiderman Mascot happier singapore

Superhero Mascot

Superhero & Princess Mascots Happier Singapore

Superhero & Princess Mascots

May you and your families be well and happy this holiday season! See you in 2015, Year of the Goat! 🙂

Year of the Goat Arm Painting

Year of the Goat Arm Painting

Yours Playfully, Alicia

Halloween Face Painters in Singapore

Hallo everyone! It’s almost that time of the year again. Halloween! You bet this surely is the most exciting time of the year for face painters across the world, even here in tiny red dot Singapore. Here’s a hair raising post from my halloween throwback to get you inspired for your upcoming ghoulish parties.

To all the lovely mommies and daddies planning kids parties, rest assured life goes on as usual before 10pm every day. Our kids party entertainers are still happy to be of service at your birthday and family events.

For enquiries, please drop us a note at sales@happier.sg and use the hotline only in extreme party emergencies, +6592717106. Usually for such emergencies, our customers go, “Help! My party is this Saturday, I NEED a face painter, balloon sculptor, magician, candyfloss, Queen Elsa….” Ok you get the gist.

My friendly RM usually makes sure you get a response to your email within the same working day. Else I may jump in to respond to emails at unearthly hours after I’m done with planning for my wedding, launch of my next company, doing my best to serve returning customers and attempting to make time for my own family.

Finally! Here’s what you’ve all been scrolling down for. I would advise you to brace yourselves, the face paintings coming up next are not for the faint hearted!

Halloween cat face painting Happier Singapore

Halloween critters hand painting designs Happier singapore

How would you like a Devil Minion, Zombie cheetah or vampire lion?

Halloween dinosaur face painting happier singapore

And here is Whitney and her team’s winning Alice in Wonderland entourage, featuring Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, Alice & Royal Cards.

Halloween face painting alice in wonderland mad hatter queen of hearts happier singapore

Queen of Hearts Mad Hatter Face Painting Happier Singapore

Well that wasn’t too bad was it? Was Halloween getting too cute for you? Let’s amp up the scare factor!

Halloween dracula face painting Happier Singapore
Halloween skull face painting happier singapore

Hand signs are definitely the IN-thing amongst the cold-blooded.

Halloween Frankestein & Ironman face painting design

 You never knew the man behind the iron mask is best friends with Frankenstein, did you?

Halloween V for Vendetta face painting

V for Vendetta is back in Singapore!

Halloween Joker face painting tutorial 2
Halloween Joker face painting happier singapore
Halloween Sugarskull & Joker face painting design

Get ’em drama mamas! Enacting the killer kiss is seriously no joke.

Halloween scorpion king face painting Happier Singapore
Halloween skeleton body painting Happier Singapore

I would love to paint someone into a full body skeleton one day! Morbid huh? Anyone care for an anatomic session?

Halloween vintage sugarskull face painting Happier Singapore

I moustache you a question. What do you think of guys rocking a sugarskull face painting?

Halloween ursula face painting Happier Singapore

 At this point, you are thinking we couldn’t get any more effeminate than an Ursula face painting on a boy. Halloween IS the perfect excuse to go crazy and laugh your heads off at each other. So ladies, are you ready for makeup beyond your wildest imagination?

Halloween Face Painting Mystique Happier Singapore

Don’t worry. Everything washes off nicely in a warm soapy bath.

Halloween Sugarskull face painting
Halloween romantic sugarskull face painting Happier Singapore

There’s so much you can do with these pretty Sugarskull face paintings! We absolutely adore the way you can customize the design with accents like florals, whimsical swirls, crosses, glitter, spiderwebs etc.

Halloween Flower Skeleton face painting 2

Halloween Flower Skeleton face painting

How about a cracked half face skeleton of a century old Geisha?

Halloween spider queen face painting Happier Singapore

There’s Cheryl Miles from HOT 91.3FM Radio Station with her Spider Queen halloween face and body painting.

Halloween spider face painting Happier Singapore

What have you been missing out on, Peter Parker? With Spiderwoman around, Mary Jane can go fly kite.

Halloween kangaroo face painting Happier Singapore

And here’s Charmaine Yee and her jungle buddies from the HOTTEST Radio station in Singapore.

Halloween Jungle Fever HOT91.3FM Face & Body Painting
Halloween tiger body painting Happier Singapore

We bumped into Audrey Lim at the Starhub ZooMoo production launch! Another amazing voice-morpher who is the voice actress behind the character, Emiko.

Halloween snake face painting Happier Singapore
Halloween cheshire cat face painting Happier Singapore

The Happier team is definitely gonna be saving a couple of nights attending halloween parties ourselves, so remember to book us early if you wanna be transformed by our halloween face and body painters!

Neon Face & Body Painters Happier Singapore

And only during halloween, will you see us glow in the dark. 🙂

P.S. We didn’t post the ultra gore and bloody stuff cuz it’s simply too morbid for this happy blog. If you’d like some of these special FX artistry on your next session, please make a special request on your enquiry.

Yours Playfully,